Hot News Stories (10/20/14)

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)

The debate over anti-choice Amendment 1, which would effectively ban abortion in Tennessee, has drawn many voters to the polls, but with split sides on the issue.

Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)

Recent research shows that there is a strong sex-education gap in the United States correlated to how much education teens have received. Education often correlates with economic standing, showing that the poorer a woman is the higher the likelihood that she does not know enough about the most effective birth control options.

KRMG (Tulsa, OK)

A new anti-choice law in Oklahoma is threatening family planning clinics that also offer abortions, even though physicians are doing everything they can to comply with it. 

Hot News Stories (10/17/14)

KXAN (Austin, TX)

Abortion clinics in Texas that were closed by anti-choice HB 2 and then allowed to reopen by a Supreme Court stay on the law this week will likely open their doors as early as today.

The Atlantic (USA)

The fight over abortion rights in the United States is still going on decades after the Roe vs. Wade ruling, prompting many to wonder how exactly the law could still be up for debate. However, as many laws have shown, it is the “undue burden” aspect of reproductive rights that is currently most often questioned.

Daily News (Wahepton, ND)

If North Dakota approves Measure 1 on the November ballot, they will become the first state in the union to define life as beginning at conception.

Hot News Stories (10/16/14)

Fox 17 Nashville (Nashville, TN)

All four of Tennessee’s major newspapers have publicly opposed Amendment 1, which will be on the November ballot. The anti-choice proposition could in effect take away the right to abortion within the state.

Billings Gazette (Billings, MT)

Abortion rates in Montana appear to be at their lowest rate in forty years, a change that mirrors rates across the nation. This is accompanied by a drop in overall pregnancy rates across the nation, likely due to more access to and knowledge of safe birth control options.


This week, the Supreme Court struck down the most anti-choice provisions of Texas’ abortion law, but the path for HB 2 has been a long one and will continue as more judges look into the case.

Hot News Stories (10/15/14)

USA Today (USA)
The Supreme Court eased the burden of Texas’ anti-choice HB 2 law, blocking provisions that called for certain construction requirements and exempting providers in remote corners of te state from needing admitting privileges.

NY Daily News (New York, NY)
Women in New York City are increasingly turning to IUDs as their birth control of choice, a safer option in the long run than the pill, the patch, and condoms.

Time (USA)
Embryonic Stem Cells can now be turned into therapy for the nearly blind suffering from two diseases–Stargardt’s macular dystrophy and age related macular degeneration.

Hot News Stories (10/14/14)

KXII News 12 (Houston, TX)
The eight remaining abortion clinics in Texas are reporting a rise in the number of calls they receive and an increase in wait-times after the federal court allowed anti-choice HB 2 to be enforced.

The New Republic (USA)
The Colorado Personhood initiative does not mention abortion in is text, in a move that could mislead voters as to the true purpose of the law.

Time Warner Cable News (Buffalo, NY)
Organizations in Niagara Falls continue to tackle the area’s teen pregnancy problem through a variety of measures. Faith-based organizations in the area noted that abstinence-only education is simply not the answer in their area, so they are teaching girls about safe sex.


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