Stop the Spin!

Still reeling from the loss of last week’s election, Republicans across the Nation are looking for answers. Most of us are ready to do whatever it takes to get our GOP back on track. But as real Republicans stress the need for reform within the Party, many of our Party leaders are still spinning– First it was Hurricane Sandy’s fault, now it’s the President’s generous ‘gifts’? Gifts, really? Image

Party leaders and uber partisan pundits: Stop the Spin!

Yesterday, in a conference call with top donors Mitt Romney said that he and his team still felt “troubled” by his loss to President Obama, and blamed his defeat in part to what he called “generous” policy  ‘gifts’ that the president had bestowed on loyal Democratic constituencies, including women, young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics. Romney is apparently claiming that had Obama not wooed young women with the gift of  “free contraception,” he may have had a shot with this demographic.  While it’s hardly a surprise, it is certainly disappointing that some within the Republican Party still refuse to acknowledge certain truths: The GOP suffered an unprecedented gender gap because of extreme anti-choice policies on reproductive rights. On nearly every account, the GOP faces a serious ‘demographics problem’ due to extreme anti- positions on social issues.

Some have already spoken out against this outrageous suggestion. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (an anti-choice Republican, ahem) said it was “absolutely wrong” and divisive of the former Presidential candidate to cite social policies that target certain minority groups.  Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) rebuked these claims as well, saying the GOP isn’t “just for people who are currently not dependent on the Government… It’s for all Americans.”

The GOP lost because for years the Democrats have been using a coalition strategy to expand their base, while the GOP base has been shrinking. While the Dems have thrown open their doors to welcome Americans of all races, genders and beliefs, the GOP has been the anti-party. The party of litmus tests. We need to start looking at the bigger picture. We need to come together to start solving problems, and stop alienating individuals. We need to return to the big-tent.   There is no ‘silver bullet’ solution, no one piece of legislation to solve the gaps with latino, younger and women voters.   We have to get back to our roots as the party of limited government control and individual freedom and keep those golden principles in mind with all of our policy initiatives – certainly when it comes to reproductive rights. For more on how the GOP needs to stop playing the blame game, and the importance of including pro-choice women in the big-tent discussion, head over to the Huffington Post to read our recent op-ed.


One Comment on “Stop the Spin!”

  1. Stewart Dunsker says:

    If the Republican party were to embrace e.g., “Choice” it would lose the “Pro-Life” segment of the party. For every change in so-called fundamental principles ther are bothmembers towin and to lose. Which way gains the greatest number of votes?

    Members might say they will not give in on pirnciple. However if the party continues to lose and not govern, it does not matter what it stands for. It only counts if the party wins and can determine the governments’s agenda

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