Hot News Stories (11/16/12)

Reuters (USA)
Ireland’s government pledged on Thursday to clarify its abortion laws after an Indian woman who was refused a termination died from blood poisoning in an Irish hospital.

The Republic
(Columbus, IN)
A group of Roman Catholic nonprofit organizations in Nashville is asking a federal judge to prevent the government from forcing them to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees—even though they have already provided birth control at the time the law was announced.

Of Note
Huffington Post (USA)
“The current Republican Party has made staunch opposition to abortion a litmus test for national prominence. Moderate voters have been alienated from the Republican Party by these increasingly extreme pro-life positions.”

Metro West Daily (Framingham, MA)
“Is it time to take partisan politics out of abortion? Those of us who are pro-choice believe it never belonged there. But for decades, Republican strategists have successfully relied on abortion as a wedge issue to win elections, forcing Democrats to make it one as well.”

New York Times (New York, NY)
“Politicians should not interfere with a woman’s personal medical decisions, but should instead respect that it’s her decision to make with her family and her faith.”


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