Hot News Stories (11/19/12)

RMC in the News

Talking Points Memo (USA)
They are few, but they are vocal: the pro-same-sex marriage, pro-choice, pro-tax Republican activists…  “What happened on [Election Day] is essentially what we have been warning the party about for the last four years,” said Kellie Rose Ferguson, executive director of Republican Majority for Choice. The group called out its fellow Republicans in the days following the election for alienating women with its language about abortion.


San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
State lawmakers in Ohio moved forward last week with a bill that would send Planned Parenthood to the back of the line for public family-planning money, even as crowds of chanting protesters lined the Statehouse halls to oppose the measure.   

Des Moines Register (Des Moines, IA)
A remotely administered abortion procedure pioneered in Iowa four years ago improved access to women living in rural areas, and did not increase the number of abortions performed in the state, according to a study released today by the American Journal of Public Health.

Huffington Post (USA)
A federal judge on Friday granted a temporary preliminary injunction sought by Tyndale House Publishers, which doesn’t want to provide employees with contraceptives that it falsely equates with abortion.

Of Note

Politico (Washington, DC)
In the wake of the GOP’s Election Day beatdown, influential Republican senators say enough’s enough: Party leaders need to put the kibosh on the kind of savage primaries that yielded candidates like Akin — and crippled Republican prospects of taking the Senate in two straight election cycles.  

The Republican Party needs to stop insulting voters and broaden its appeal after Democratic President Barack Obama won re-election this month over Mitt Romney with overwhelming support from Hispanics, blacks and single women, top Republicans said on Sunday.

The Hill
(Washington, DC)
There are plenty of prescriptions for how the Republican Party might change after its disappointments in the 2012 elections, but it is unclear how fast the GOP will coalesce around a new direction.


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