RMC Celebrates the True Intent of Roe v. Wade


Republican Majority for Choice Celebrates the True Intent of Roe v. Wade

Contact: Mallory Schwarz

Washington, DC – (January 22, 2013) Today as we mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Republican Majority for Choice reflects upon the true intent of this groundbreaking Supreme Court decision and upon our goals of limiting government control and protecting personal freedom and privacy.

“The Roe decision was not about promoting abortion. It was about protecting our country’s long held belief in the freedom and privacy of our citizens,” said Susan Bevan, RMC National Co-Chair.  “One can oppose abortion and still understand that our most valued right as Americans – freedom, both personal and religious freedom – must be protected.”

The GOP has a long history of supporting women and families and of safeguarding the constitutional protections of privacy and the separation of Church and State. Yet, forty years after the historic Roe ruling, it still is subject to divisive opposition from far-right members of the party.

“We call upon Republicans and Democrats of all walks, to move beyond the labels, to come together and open a meaningful dialogue,” said Candace Straight, RMC National Co-Chair.  “There is common ground and consensus and that is what the Roe v. Wade decision was truly about.”

As pro-choice Republicans, we want to ensure that as few women and families as possible are faced with the difficultly of an unplanned pregnancy.  We can do this by promoting strong family communication and age appropriate education that includes the positive benefits of abstinence while providing honest facts, and by making proven safe contraception, prevention and planning measures available to all women, regardless of income.

As we commemorate the real meaning of the Roe v. Wade decision — protecting freedom, personal choice, strong families and real solutions—RMC calls on all elected leaders to stop playing politics with a critically important issue regarding personal freedom and autonomy– and start focusing on solutions instead.


Republican Majority for Choice * www.gopchoice.org * 202-629-1300
1900 L Street, NW, Suite 320, Washington, DC 20036

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