Hot News Stories (2/20/13)

The Austin Chronicle (Austin, TX)
A majority of Texans – across racial, political, and religious lines – support access to family planning for women regardless of their ability to pay, and disapprove of the drastic cuts lawmakers made to the family planning budget in 2011 that last year left more than 127,000 women without access to reproductive health care.

The Hill (Washington, DC)
The state of Oklahoma is coming to the aid of Hobby Lobby in the company’s challenge to the contraception mandate in President Obama’s healthcare law.

The Denver Post (Denver, CO)
A bill to redefine sex education standards in Colorado’s K-12 schools won initial approval in the House on Tuesday despite concerns from Republicans the legislation would undermine local control and parental involvement.

The Huffington Post (USA)
The Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation on Tuesday that would tighten regulations for abortion clinics in a move critics say could force many in the state to close.


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