Hot News Stories (2/21/13)

Fox News (USA)
German bishops have agreed that Roman Catholic-run hospitals should be allowed to prescribe the morning-after pill to rape victims to prevent conception.

Washington Times
(Washington, DC)
Eleven anti-choice Republican members of Congress are challenging the contraception insurance mandate in President Obama’s health care law by formally backing Hobby Lobby, the Oklahoma-based chain of crafts stores whose owners say they must choose between their Christian beliefs and insuring women’s birth control and other preventative services.

Arkansas Gazette
(Little Rock, AR)
Separate anti-choice bills that would ban most abortions 12 weeks and 20 weeks into a pregnancy were passed by an Arkansas House committee, but one was later sent back over for a new vote after concerns were raised about the process.

The Salt Lake Tribune
(Salt Lake City, UT)
An anti-choice bill to requiring more data collection about abortions in Utah passed easily on Wednesday, despite dispute about it being a back-door attempt to make it more uncomfortable for women to choose abortions.

Washington Examiner
(Washington, DC)
A bill that would require women seeking abortions to wait longer after first seeing an abortion clinic doctor was approved Wednesday night by the South Dakota House.   


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