RMC Applauds Commonsense Republican state Rep. Doug Cox (OK)



Commonsense Republicans are finally speaking out across the Country! State Representative Doug Cox (R-OK) strongly opposed legislation that would eliminate the judicial bypass system for young women seeking an abortion saying: “We keep passing stuff like this, they’ll be done in the back alleys with coat hangers, people.”  The judicial bypass system allows teenagers to acquire an abortion without the notification of their parents by obtaining permission from a judge. For young women who are victims of incest or domestic violence, this is an important exception to parental notification and consent laws. An Oklahoma Committee approved the anti-judicial bypass proposal last week 7-3 and it will now proceed to the House for consideration. Rep. Cox, a licensed physician with 25 years of experience, understands the importance of providing young women with options. “Abortions are done in clinics inspected by the Health Department under sterile, medical conditions,” Cox said. “This bill is basically trying to intimidate the providers who do those.” 

Thank you, Rep. Cox, for speaking out on behalf of Oklahoma women!

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