Hot News Stories (2/26/13)

Denver Post (Denver, CO)
Colorado Democrats approved a bill that expands sex-ed standards after a debate in the House Friday. It now goes to the Senate. The new standards use a comprehensive sex-education model that includes abstinence as the best method to avoid unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

The Hill
(Washington, DC)
Dozens of Republicans in the House and Senate have asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to examine how Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortion services are using taxpayer money

San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco, CA)
A proposed requirement that doctors must try to perform a second ultrasound exam on women after they received abortion-inducing drugs was dropped Monday by the Indiana Senate.

The Missoulian
(Missoula, MT)
Montana Republicans on a state House budget panel voted on Friday to cut $4.6 million in federal family planning funds from the state health budget, part of which go to Planned Parenthood of Montana.


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