Hot News Stories (3/7/13)

The Huffington Post (USA)
A federal judge has struck down Idaho’s so-called “fetal pain” law banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy on Wednesday.

Fox News
Alabama’s anti-choice Governor Robert Bentley (R) said he will sign tougher abortion clinic regulations into law if the state Senate approves them. 

The nation’s most restrictive abortion law is set to take effect in Arkansas later this year, after the state’s Republican-controlled House on Wednesday overrode Governor Mike Beebe’s veto of legislation mostly banning the procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

News and Tribune
(Indianapolis, IN)
An anti-choice bill that would force women seeking the abortion pill to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound is likely headed for a constitutional challenge if passed in Indiana, as expected.

The Star Tribune
(Minneapolis, MN)
Minnesota’s House members voted this week to ban health insurance companies from offering abortion coverage in the plans that will be sold on the state’s new online health insurance marketplace.

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