Hot News Stories (3/11/13)

The Washington Times (Washington, DC)
“We should never forget the importance of keeping government out of our daily lives, including our bedrooms and our doctors’ offices. Allowing government to regulate reproduction is inviting it to interfere with every facet of our lives. The GOP must never abandon its role in fighting for civil liberties, for our freedom from the moral dictatorship of others, and for choice.”

Daily Kos
“The doctor-patient relationship.” For two decades, Republicans have wielded that four-word talking point as a cudgel to bludgeon health care reform—yet ignore it when it comes to abortion rights.

The Boston Globe
(Boston, MA)
Anti-choice legislation to make women wait 24 hours before getting an abortion is back before the New Hampshire House.

The Dallas Morning News
(Dallas, TX)
Texas has lurked at the bottom of all states in preventing teen pregnancy, and now any discussion of sex education becomes even more fraught in the mix of schools and politics.

The San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco, CA)
The anti-choice Republican-led Legislature’s override of Gov. Beebe’s (D) veto of the ban on most abortions 12 weeks into a pregnancy sets up a legal fight that’s certain to face legal challenges. But Arkansas voters could deliver a verdict for their government leaders as early as next year.


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