Help RMC Fight the Government Overreach of So-Called “Conscience Bills”

While the world focuses on the big changes taking place in the Catholic Church this week with the selection of a new pope, some smaller initiatives risk being overlooked.

Last week renown anti-choice Representative Diane Black (R-TN) introduced the so-called “Health Care Conscience Rights Act” in response to the new contraception coverage regulation. This extreme legislation goes far beyond the bonds of any choice or religious liberty argument and would allow any individual to be refused any medical service at any time.  This bill  (H.R.940) is now being considered a priority for the Catholic bishops and the powerful lobbying arm of the Catholic Church.

H.R.940 would give any person—from an insurance representative to an actual physician— the right to deny patients any service, including but not limited to family planning care.

This past Monday, under the guise of protecting an individual’s personal “rights of conscience,” members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops began a campaign urging anti-choice Representatives in the House to attach this bill to any legislation that is likely to move forward.  

This bill is a broad expansion of both who has the power to refuse to provide care, and the number of people who can be denied necessary health services. And we need your support today to fight back!

The GOP has always been the party who values the private doctor-patient relationship. Help us forward common sense policy over so-called conscience clauses like this that welcome government intrusion into private decisions and invite promoting one person’s personal beliefs over the medical options and well-being of patients.

Donate to RMC today, and help us show that Americans, of all parties and faiths, oppose policies that allow individuals to privilege one belief over another.

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