Hot News Stories (3/19/13)

Huffington Post (USA)
A federal judge has struck down an anti-choice Missouri law exempting moral objectors from mandatory birth control coverage because it conflicts with an insurance requirement under President Barrack Obama’s health care law.

Fargo Forum (Fargo, ND)
Doctors site maternal health, in vitro fertilization services and patient-physician relationships among the many reasons a raft of anti-choice bills moving through the North Dakota Legislature, including a pair of so-called “personhood bills,” should be rejected.

Boston Herald
 (Boston, MA)
Several of the candidates vying in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate campaign are struggling to define their position on abortion. GOP candidate Dan Winslow is the only candidate from either major party who has consistently supported abortion rights throughout his career.

Policy Mic
Anti-choice Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may just have alienated a large chunk of the millennial base he has been trying to reach out to with his latest “fetal personhood” legislation, the Life at Conception Act, which would fully outlaw abortion in the United States.

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