RMC Responds: The Grand ‘New’ Party?


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This week, there has been a lot of discussion on our blog and Facebook pages about a new report recently posted by the Republican Party. Many of our posters have called on the party to change its stance on certain issues while maintaining clear and concise conservative values. We believe this report to be a great stepping stone into the future of the GOP.

A recent “Growth and Opportunity” report published by the Republican National Committee is being touted as a do-it-yourself guide to promoting the “new” GOP. This report examines all of the ways in which both the Romney campaign and the GOP went wrong and provides strategies and tactics as the Party moves into future elections. Past Republican nominees have failed to reach key constituents, the report claims, and many voters viewed the party as ‘scary,’ ‘narrow-minded,” and ‘out-of-touch.’ The Grand Old Party has recently become the party of Grand Old White Men. In simpler words, all agree the Party needs to change but will necessary policy discussions happen or will it simply be a change in words only?

This telling report also calls on the Republican Party to ‘stop talking to itself.’ When the party caters to extremists alone, traditionally conservative ideals become warped and distant from the majority of people’s lives.  We need to come together as a unified party and posit opposing ideas in a commonsense, fair-minded manner in order to develop the most intelligent and nationally-responsible solution to a problem. We must learn to listen to these divergent viewpoints rather than tossing them to the wayside simply because we do not agree with them. If we do not, we risk the destruction of the very foundation of the Republican Party.

We at the Republican Majority for Choice have long fought for the traditional conservative ideals of limited government, long-term fiscal responsibility and liberty for all. Yes, RMC is a pro-choice organization that advocates for equal rights and freedoms for all women, men and families with regard to their personal health-care decisions. Yet, at the same time, we realize that there are individuals within our Party who object to our positions – and we can respect those who disagree with us. We understand that there are often significant roadblocks in the discussion surrounding change, but that is the nature of American politics and is part of what makes our country so great.

So our question to you is this: how can we come together to solve the problems that are at the root of our disagreements?

For a moment, forget the futile labels of pro-choice or anti-choice, pro-life or pro-abortion– and lay down your ideas for real solutions to lessen the incidence of unintended pregnancy, teen pregnancy and abortion. Share your thoughts on access to birth control, for if we make a small investment in birth control for very low income families, we can save vast amounts of funds in the future – is this an area we could make some progress on? Abstinence-plus comprehensive sex education has been proven to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy and STI transmission; maybe that goal and that discussion can be the starting point to bring both sides back to the table.

Is there a way to find common ground between our two ideological camps and work for a solution that provides for everyone? Go to our Facebook page and join the discussion today; we want to hear what you think! As always, we encourage open discussion, but we will not tolerate bad-mouthing or insults — as President Reagan used to say, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Below is a link to the report for further reading: http://growthopp.gop.com/RNC_Growth_Opportunity_Book_2013.pdf


2 Comments on “RMC Responds: The Grand ‘New’ Party?”

  1. J. Sage says:

    I have become a fiscal conservative at the age of 62. However I would march again in Washington, DC as I did before in the Pro-Choice march. I try to vote Republican when I know their history is more liberal on the social issues.

  2. S. Miller says:

    Abortion Issue:
    The abortion issue should not be a political issue. It should be between a woman and her doctor. It’s her body. If she wishes to consult anyone, she is free to do so, but not required.

    Responsibility Issue:
    Everyone past the age of 18 or 21 need to be responsible for themselves. The United States is not a “nanny state”. If everyone took their own responsibility, the US would be a different place.

    Firearm Issue:
    They are legal in the Second Amendment in our US Constitution. There is no flexibility or exemptions. It would make people think twice before they did any unnecessary shooting.

    Illegal Drugs Issue:
    Make it all legal and tax it the same as cigarettes. They are no different.

    Fiscal Conservative Issue:
    I am a fiscal conservative and feel everyone needs to learn to live within their means.

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