Hot News Stories (3/29/13)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
The landscape of abortion in America: In one must-see map. In 2010, Nebraska passed the country’s most restrictive abortion law that barred abortions after 20 weeks. By March 2013, 12 states have done so — or passed restrictions even earlier in the pregnancy, like North Dakota’s six-week ban.

The Virginian-Pilot (Richmond, VA)
Abortion-rights supporters say they’ve delivered more than 3,600 public comments opposing Virginia’s new abortion clinic regulations to the Virginia Board of Health.

USA Today (USA)
In an anti-choice bill approved 8-5 Wednesday by an Indiana House Committee, a clinic that provides medicinal abortion (the abortion pill, RU-486) would have to meet the same building standards as a surgical unit.

NBC News (USA)
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has nominated a prominent anti-choice activist to the state Board of Health, specifically citing her efforts to ban abortion as a public health qualification under state law.

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