RMC Responds: The ‘Growth and Opportunity Project’- Returning the Republican Party to the Big Tent

ImageJoin us every Friday in RMC Responds as we react to some of your comments from Facebook and twitter.  Please keep commenting, and let us know what you think!

The ‘Growth and Opportunity Project’ report published by the RNC prompted us to ask if you thought we could return to a big-tent GOP.  We’re so happy to see all of the productive and respectful discussion about ways that we come together to solve the problems.

Judy said: “As a lifelong republican, I have a strong belief in the individual. Perhaps that’s where the conversation should begin. It’s an age-old tenet that too often gets forgotten in the melee of people’s viewpoints. I accept that anyone with an objection to abortion, has the right to not have one. I also believe that a woman who decides to have an abortion, making her decision within her personal, moral, and religious beliefs; is to be respected…Any discussion has to allow for the individual to make decisions with their own heart; and I see that as the great sticking point in this issue.”

Mackenzie said: “The republican party needs to stop pretending that it is a singular united party of principle and acknowledge that it is merely a coalition of 3 competing and extreme factions…”

Historically, the Republican Party has been the party that believes that families, not the government, should make their own decisions.  Our contributors are correct: We must continue to be the party of traditional conservatism in order to make the most effective policies. When Party leadership caters only to the extreme views, we risk losing sight of our traditional conservative values of limited government, long-term fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

We have seen some amazing contributions to our blog and pages over the past week. Common-sense Republicans are starting to make themselves heard. We, as real Republicans, cannot sacrifice the rights of the individual to the ideas of big government and political intervention into people’s personal lives. We must embrace compromise, discuss new and sometimes foreign ideas, and be ready to work with a more conscientious and practical base.

We here at RMC, along with the majority of common-sense Republicans believe women and families facing an unwanted pregnancy should have access to every possible option — yes, this includes adoption and motherhood.  We advocate for the personal and private choice to make these difficult decisions without government interference. We advocate for women and their families so that they may make their own private health decisions without a big government committee standing in their way. We believe that everyone of us should be able to walk into a health clinic and have access to a range of options and benefits critical to personal healthcare without someone else’s personal beliefs standing in the way of proper medical treatment.

Where the Republican platform succeeds is in its promise of long-term fiscal responsibility and personal freedoms. Small government is the key to success in America and we fully support that ideal. Access to contraception and other medical necessities have proven time and time again that they lead to more responsible individuals and a healthier population. If someone does not agree with this practice due to their own religious or moral decisions, then they may personally object to it, so long as they do not impose their beliefs on others. That is the core tenet of our party: the ability to make your own personal decisions without interference from anyone but yourself.

The ‘GOP’ report called for Republicans to ‘stop talking to themselves,’ but is that really the issue? Perhaps instead of believing we are all collectively babbling amongst ourselves, we need to actually start listening to ourselves and work to come up with new ways to compromise and understand each other.

As Mackenzie recently put it on Facebook: “The solution is simple: embrace compromise. The Republican Party will rebound with a vengeance when the extremists relinquish control to more practical ways of thinking in which it’s okay for a religious conservative to vote for a Republican who won’t support an abortion ban but will always defend your right to not get one and not perform one.”

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