The Comment Period for VA’s Anti-Choice TRAP Laws Ends Today!

This is the last day to speak out against Virginia’s proposed anti-choice regulation of all state women’s health centers.  Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or TRAP laws, single out women’s clinics in Virginia and force them to comply with onerous construction requirements generally reserved for hospitals. Such regulations bare no relation to improving patient safety, and are not required of any other outpatient health center in Virginia.

TRAP laws mandate health centers pursue costly renovations– to widen their hallways or install additional janitor closets– that most small clinics cannot afford. If these regulations are enacted, the majority of Virginia’s women’s health centers could be shut down within a few years.

These requirements are not supported by Virginia Physicians or medical experts, and a recent survey reveals Virginians do not uspport them either. In fact the opposition is uniform across partisan boundaries, with a majority of Independents, Democrats and Republicans all saying they dissaprove of this government overstep—AND that when it comes to health care they trust doctors and medical experts over politicians.

Anti-choice Governor Bob McDonnell, and extremist Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (of transvaginal ultrasound fame) have done everything in their power to push these regulations through, despite public opposition. They’ve held “impromptu” hearings on the bill without giving pro-choice state officials due notice to attend, and they’ve even exerted pressure on the Virginia Board of Health to reverse their original disfavor of the bill.

You have an opportunity today to voice your opposition to these anti-choice and anti-women bills. The public comment period on this bill ends at 5PM EST.  Show your support for Virginia women and tell the government that individuals, their families and their doctors—NOT politicians—should make personal healthcare decisions. Click here and comment NOW


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