Kansas State Senate Approves Restrictive Anti-Abortion Bill

The anti-choice Kansas Senate approved new and unprecedented restrictions for abortion providers on Tuesday, moving the state’s most restrictive legislation on the issue this year close to final approval.

The measure blocks certain tax breaks for abortion providers and prohibits them from supplying materials and teachers to public schools who are interested in furthering their comprehensive sexual education programs. In addition, the bill details that abortion patients may not include the cost of their abortion services in their medical expenses listed under their state income taxes.

While the House readily approved this measure last month, the Senate has only recently brought the bill to approval through due to numerous technical changes. The measure now declares that life begins “at fertilization” and that “unborn children have interests that should be protected.”

Both chambers of Kansas’ legislature have solid anti-abortion majorities and Gov. Sam Brownback has repeatedly signed anti-abortion legislature whenever it approaches his desk.

Rep. Barbara Bollier, a pro-choice Republican amongst a sea of anti-choice ones, said the bill invades women’s privacy and threatens to create a hostile environment for licensed physicians that wish to protect the health of their patients in medical emergencies.

Most disturbing amongst this news is that both chambers rejected proposals to add specific exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape, incest or the health of the mother. Indeed, under this legislation, abortion providers will steadily lose financial independence because they cannot claim the same exemption from the state sales tax for their medical purchases that other health care providers receive.

The bill is soon expected to become Kansas law without any real threat. “I don’t have any immediate concerns about it,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lance Kinzer. The bill moves back to the House for a second review before moving to the Governor’s desk for his final approval.
Read more about it here: www.sfgate.com/news/article/Kansas-Senate-approves-sweeping-anti-abortion-bill-4402063.php

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