Hot News Stories (4/4/13)

The Miami Herald (Miami, FL)
The abortion debate reignited Wednesday in a divided Florida House committee that approved a bill seeking to ban sex- and race-selective abortions.

Fox News
By a single Senate vote, Virginia’s General Assembly on Wednesday prohibited abortion coverage from being offered in insurance policies that would be sold through a federally funded health insurance exchange– even if individuals use their own private funds.

San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco, CA)
A bill headed to anti-choice Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) says a physician would have to be present when a woman takes abortion-inducing drugs, even though the medical community states otherwise.

Bismark Tribune
(Bismark, ND)
If supporters of a referral of North Dakota’s three anti-choice laws signed by the Gov. last week get enough signatures to get them on the ballot, the laws will be on hold until the June 2014 election.


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