Hot News Stories (4/24/13)

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
State lawmakers in the Nevada Assembly voted Tuesday to revamp sex education for students.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette (Pittsburg, PA)
An anti-choice bill to prevent coverage for most abortions under the insurance marketplace being set up as part of the federal health care overhaul is on its way to the Pennsylvania Senate after approval Tuesday by the House.

The Wall Street Journal
(New York, NY)
The anti-choice Republican leader of the New York state Senate said Tuesday that he will block any abortion proposal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whether it’s to allow later-term abortions or protect current standards.

Detroit Free Press
(Detroit, MI)
Customers are boycotting Eden Foods, a natural foods company and one of the latest groups suing the Obama Administration over mandates to cover birth control in the Affordable Care Act.

Honolulu Star Journal  (Honolulu, HI)
Hawaii’s Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed into law yesterday a bill that requires Hawaii hospitals to provide female sexual assault victims with medically and factually accurate information regarding emergency contraception as well as provide emergency contraception to all women who accept or request it.


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