RMC Responds: Support Real Republican Dan Winslow for the US Senate

ImageMainstream Republicans are speaking out and sharing their thoughts with us via facebook, twitter and email—and we are listening!

Here are comments from just a few of our supporters:

“I have been a registered Republican since I was old enough to vote, but these jerks who keep trying to legislate my uterus are turning me into a Democrat.”

“I am thrilled to learn that Republicans are not a one size fits all group of social conservatives!! Thank you for standing up for women’s reproductive rights!”

“Thanks all. Hope you can restore the GOP to sanity” 

Our commenter’s are correct—The social extremism within the Republican Party is turning away members from all backgrounds.  We cannot afford to continue along a path that results in the majority of Americans see the GOP as being “out-of-touch.”  Instead, the GOP needs to throw open the doors of the big tent and welcome in conservatives of all persuasions. We need to shift the focus from divisive social issues and do what we, as Republicans, do best: advocate for economically sound policies that allow our families to grow strong and achieve the American dream.  This week we have a unique opportunity to do just that. With only four days left until the Republican Primary Election to fill the open Massachusetts Senate Seat, mainstream Republican Dan Winslow needs your support now!

 This special election is the GOP’s chance to present itself as a more socially inclusive party that is committed to small government and the free-market. In a three-way race that in many ways echoes the issues facing the National Republican Primary process, we need all Republicans to unite behind the one real GOP leader who can win in the general election. Dan Winslow is a fearless leader whose commitment to strengthening our economy will appeal to the vast moderate voting bloc in the state. A problem solver who always advocates for commonsense solutions, Dan is the one only who will further real Republican principles of limited government and personal liberty throughout all policy arenas, including reproductive health!   “If we can only unfetter that American spirit from the excessive burdens and crushing regulations,” Dan recently told the Boston Globe, we can “take some of our freedom back.”

Not only is current MA State Representative Dan Winslow an outspoken supporter of preventative family planning– he is a true fiscal conservative with the experience and determination to break through the current partisan gridlock in the Senate.  He is the best Republican to win in the general election. And even if you can’t vote for Dan, all Republicans can benefit from having an independent voice like his in the Senate. He will speak up for all of us!

For more about Dan go to www.DanWinslow.com


2 Comments on “RMC Responds: Support Real Republican Dan Winslow for the US Senate”

  1. Hilary Gould says:

    As a Democrat, I have many friends, who are “good” Republicans. I respect their ideas, and we can often have healthy debate that usually can find a common ground somewhere in the middle. However, reproductive freedom has been a difficult one for many of them. I’m so glad that there is a Republican voice speaking out in favor of women. You can be a strong, fiscally conservative, Republican…but, I know many of my GOP friends will be thrilled with this!

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