Hot News Stories (5/14/13)

Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) 
Doctors in Missouri would need to be in the room for the initial dose of the drug used in medical abortions under a measure given final legislative approval Monday, restricting the availability of these services. 

Philadelphia News
 (Philadelphia, PA) 
“Broadening access to birth control among low-income women reduces abortion rates. So if we want fewer Gosnells, we can put them out of business tomorrow by helping low-income women find the birth-control method that works best for them and then giving it to them for free.” 

The Huffington Post
The truth is too many women do not have access to abortion care because of costs, and the need for abortion funds is crucial. The D.C. Abortion Fund is just one of the many funds across the country that has become even more critical to the lives of women as anti-choice legislation is increasingly restricting women’s access. 

Washington Times
 (Washington, DC)
The Obama administration on Monday asked an appeals panel to delay the enforcement of a federal judge’s order to make emergency contraceptive available to women of all ages without a prescription. 


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