Hot News Stories (5/23/13)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
Anti-choice business owners are waging a broad rebellion against providing their employees with contraceptive coverage, bringing dozens of lawsuits that seem certain to land the issue before the Supreme Court.

Lincoln Journal-Star
 (Lincoln, NE)
A ruling this week striking down Arizona’s so-called fetal pain law will have no immediate impact on a similar anti-choice law in Nebraska, which in 2010 became the first state to ban abortions beginning at the 20th week after conception.

Detroit Free Press
 (Detroit, MI)
Right-to-Life Michigan, stung in December when Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed anti-choice legislation that would have required those buying health insurance to purchase a separate rider to cover abortions, have a new tactic — one that would bypass Snyder’s pen and statewide ballots.

Seattle Times
 (Seattle, WA)
Anti-choice House Republicans on Wednesday promoted a national version of the DC 20-week abortion ban, despite recent court decisions that have struck down similar state laws. The GOP lawmakers also are taking on their own leadership, which has shown little desire to hold votes on contentious social issues.


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