Hot News Stories (5/31/13)

News OK (Tulsa, OK)
Op-Ed from Oklahoma State Rep. Doug Cox, a pro-choice Republican and physician who isn’t afraid to stand up to the party to protect reproductive freedoms, “All of the new Oklahoma laws aimed at limiting abortion and contraception are great for the Republican family that lives in a gingerbread house with a two-car garage, two planned kids and a dog. In the real world, they are less than perfect.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 (Atlanta, GA)
A legal challenge to a recently approved anti-choice law restricting abortions in North Dakota shouldn’t be combined with another lawsuit that attacks a ban on abortion-inducing medication, the state attorney general’s office argues in a legal finding.

New York Times
 (New York, NY)
El Salvador’s health minister on Thursday approved the C-section for a seriously ill Salvadoran woman, a day after the Supreme Court ruled that she could not have an abortion despite her life-threatening pregnancy. 


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