Republicans Identify Contraception as a Critical Issue, Yet Something is Still Missing

In a new report, the College National Republican Committee acknowledges that reproductive rights issues will only continue to harm the GOP.  In their examination of the party’s election weaknesses, however, the College Republicans come to the conclusion that the GOP position is being skewed and lumped in with other, more extreme, issues.  This shifting of blame, a tactic seen throughout the party, only highlights how out of touch the GOP has become on women’s issues. The problem is not that young voters do not understand the Republican platform; the problem is that these voters do have a grasp of the issues and do not agree with the moral stance the GOP has taken against reproductive rights.
The College Republicans conducted extensive research on Millennials to gauge young voters’ opinions of the Republican Party. Their report highlights a glaring discrepancy between the Republican platform and the views of voters throughout the nation.  Additional focus groups shed light on the fact that even people who identify as pro-life understand the necessity of proper family planning and access to contraception, for these initiatives are both socially and economically beneficial in the long run.  Such practicality among voters is at odds with the widespread ideological opposition that the GOP has adopted against all sorts of contraception and planning.  Unfortunately, Republicans refuse to realize how out of touch they really are on reproductive health as a key economic issue, and blaming others only makes the party seem even more extreme. In order to remain relevant — and successful —  in coming years the Republican Party needs to acknowledge the widespread benefits of contraception for all American women and families, and stay out of messy ideological fights that are best left out of the political arena.


Check out the full report here, and respond with your thoughts! 



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