Hot News Stories (6/10/13)

Mohave Daily News (Phoenix, AZ)
Today, Arizona lawmakers will debate a proposed ban on public dollars to any healthcare providers that also provide abortions, which would significantly limit health care access for Arizonans and would go much further than an existing federal mandate against abortion funding.

To reduce the Mississippi’s rate of teenage pregnancy, the highest in the country, state lawmakers passed a controversial new measure that will force Doctors to collect umbilical cord blood, even though experts say the state would be better off pursuing proven prevention methods, such as comprehensive sex education.

Washington Post
 (Washington, DC)
Experts struggled last Thursday to make sense of the new appellate ruling that allows the original two-pill version of emergency contraception to be sold immediately without restrictions. The Washington Post lays out the facts.

Iowa Tribune (DesMoines, IA)
Catholic, anti-choice Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) may soon have no option but to sign off on a bill requiring coverage for Medicaid-funded abortions in his state.


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