Hot News Stories (6/14/13)

USA Today (USA)
As the House heads into a debate next week on a bill to limit abortion, Republicans are reopening a subject that cost them dearly in 2012 and continues to present perils for the party’s attempt to appeal to women voters.

Cleveland News
 (Cleveland, OH)
A group of Ohio Republican lawmakers has introduced an anti-choice bill that would require women seeking abortions to wait at least 48 hours and undergo a medically unnecessary ultrasound.

Washington Post
 (Washington, DC)
Another extremist Republican congressman ventured into the realm of rape and pregnancy Wednesday, saying at a committee hearing that incidences of pregnancy from rape are “very low.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch
 (Richmond, VA)
A Virginia Healthcare Center has filed the first lawsuit challenging the state’s new anti-choice clinic regulations, which require existing facilities to meet the same building standards as newly constructed hospitals.

The Guardian (USA)
After coming under international scrutiny after the death of a woman refused an abortion, Ireland has published a new law that would permit abortions if a woman’s life is in danger medically or she is at the risk of suicide.


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