RMC Responds: Mainstream Republicans, A Silent Majority

ImageThis week in response to a fascinating article on the study of the consequences of denying women the full range of reproductive health care options, Jane posted Thank you for posting this RMC! You are the Majority of the Repubs! The SILENT majority and you speak for MOST of us!”

Thank you, Jane, for supporting our efforts and helping to show the nation that the Republican Party is in fact a big-tent and we want to protect the individual freedoms of all Americans.  We believe that personal liberty is the foundation of our party, and we are certainly not alone in our beliefs.  Mainstream Republicans are an integral part of our nation, committed to the universal application of the GOP’s founding principle of personal freedom.  We, as a pro-choice Republicans, are vitally important to the nation as we provide a counter to extremists on both sides and foster bipartisan solutions in what has become an increasingly polarized environment.

As mainstream Republicans with a belief in personal liberty we stand with much of the nation.  We are not pro-abortion and in fact want to work with those who may label themselves as pro-life on ways we can reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancy and abortions. While extreme positions on both sides receive media attention, we know that most Americans stand quietly closer to the center and we work to represent this real majority.  The nation and the party are facing difficult circumstances, and this situation makes it all the more critical that we return to our commonsense roots and values that the majority of Republicans hold in common.

Economic responsibility and personal freedom are ideals that benefit the nation, yet they are ignored too often.  Women’s rights are an important cornerstone of society.  The majority of Americans support the individual right upheld in Roe v. Wade, and we must continue to show the party and the nation that we stand by this decision.  Not only is choice an important social freedom, but it is also incredibly relevant to America’s economic outlook. By supporting access to reproductive health services, including contraception and other services, we are saving money in the long run and promoting a brighter, more prosperous future for women and children.

With the onslaught of insensitive comments by more socially extreme GOP lawmakers in recent weeks, it is more important than ever to remind the party and the nation that these viewpoints DO NOT represent the real majority of the Republican Party.  It can be difficult in today’s polarized landscape, but we must continue to fight for the voice of mainstream Republicans everywhere and find solutions to solve problems not just keep an political spat alive; this effort is the only way we can guarantee a flourishing future for our party and our nation.


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