Hot News Stories (6/18/13)

Bloomberg Business (New York, NY)
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) bill guaranteeing abortion rights that would align New York and U.S. law was killed in the senate after a group of breakaway Democrats co-leading the chamber dropped it.

San Francisco Chronicle
 (San Francisco, CA)
Pennsylvania is joining about 20 other states in limiting coverage of abortions under health care insurance policies offered in a federally-run insurance marketplace starting next year due to an anti-choice law signed by Gov. Tom Corbett (R) this week.

The Columbus Dispatch
 (Columbus, OH)
A new, sweeping anti-choice bill in Ohio would force doctors, with penalty of a 10 million dollar fine, to tell patients that the procedure increases the risk of breast cancer. This has been repeatedly found to be untrue. 

Wall Street Journal (New York, NY)
The White House Monday threatened to veto anti-choice House Republicans’ latest effort to curb abortions, issuing a blunt statement in opposition to a bill going to the House floor for a vote Tuesday that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks following fertilization.


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