Don’t Mess With Texas Women – And Don’t Mess with the REAL GOP

Last night, in a great display of political theater, extremist – big government legislators did their very best to silence the Texas women speaking out against a dangerous anti-choice bill. They were not successful! 

With thousands across the nation looking on, state Senator Wendy Davis was cut off after filibustering for 11 hours. But Texas women executed what is now being known as “the people’s filibuster,” delaying the vote on the abortion ban until after the Midnight deadline, with chants of “Let Her Speak!”

It is estimated that this omnibus anti-choice legislation would have closed all but 5 abortion providers in the state and severely restricted women’s access to reproductive health services. In advancing this bill during Texas’ special session, big-governement extremists have, once again, showed the nation they do not understand the basic facts and real-world consequences of their repeated attempts to legislate their own morality. 

This incident was a win for reproductive health advocates– and for the majority of Americans who are tired of these ongoing attacks on women’s health.  We must add, however, that the real majority of the GOP has been silent for far too long and it is time to stand up and fight back against the extremists who push this type of legislation, while claiming to be the core of the our Party.   

This majority of Republicans understand that our mainstream conservative ideals and limited government standard must apply to both fiscal and so-called social issues.  We are the key to bringing the debate over women’s health forward in a positive solutions-driven way and we need your voice to help us get the GOP back on track AND protect personal freedom.  

Make a donation today to help RMC bolster the voice of the real mainstream majority now.
  And take a moment to read RMC Co-chair Susan Bevan’s recent op-ed, “Social Crusades Poisoning Republican Brand” for more.


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