Hot News Stories (6/27/13)

Austin Statesman (Austin, TX)
After the pro-choice legislators succeded in filibustering Texas’ omnibus anti-choice bill on Tuesday, extremist Gov. Rick Perry Wednesday called the Legislature back for a second special session to begin Monday at 2 p.m.

Kansas City Star
 (Kansas City, MO)
A legal fight over a sweeping new anti-choice law in Kansas is spilling into the state’s courts, with two doctors hoping a judge will block enforcement of all of its provisions before it takes effect next week.

The Austin Chronicle
 (Austin, TX)
Texas clinics that shuttered due to the devastating family planning budget cuts of 2011 are beginning to reopen. But dozens of providers have withdrawn because the state told has said if they choose to avail themselves of the Title X funds, they might jeopardize their eligibility for any state funding.

Newark Advocate
 (Newark, OH)
Anti-choice Ohio conservatives’ crosshairs on Planned Parenthood in the state budget could result in some other organizations being hit.


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