In Ohio, a Budget or an Assault on Reproductive Rights?

Not willing to be overshadowed by Texas, this week Ohio has brought abortion controversy into their state budget.  The Republican-controlled Ohio legislature outlined a two year operating budget, and Wednesday night inserted a last minute amendment that will have enormous consequences for women and families.  Women are turning out to protest, but the prognosis does not look promising. 

Although called a budget, the Ohio legislation, in fact, enacts a slew of restrictions on women seeking abortions, including a requirement that women receive a medically unnecessary ultrasound.  The budget also redefines personhood, explicitly stating that life begins at conception, despite inconclusive scientific evidence.  The Ohio budget also looks to drastically cut family planning funding.  Such a move is incredibly detrimental to the health of Ohio women, as Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health clinics provides a number of valuable health services to women and families, in many cases the only healthcare available to lower income communities. 

These big government extremists seem to be set on expanding government and costing taxpayers money, and this “budget” has become an outright attack on reproductive rights.  Instead of looking to create economic opportunities, the Ohio government is using the budget to undermine women’s rights.  In addition to infringing on reproductive choice, the drastic budget cuts to family planning clinics will end up costing Ohio citizens dearly.  The facts show plainly that by cutting family planning, the government is opening the door to more health problems, more unwanted pregnancies, and more unsafe abortions, especially among lower income families who more often rely on government assistance. 


Read more on the Ohio legislation here

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