RMC Responds: Real Republican Ideals


The last week has seen an onslaught of critical debates about individual rights.  In response, one Facebook user argued that “this is simple… if you don’t like a “pro-life” position… GO join the Democrats,” and “we have a liberal party. This is the home of conservatives.”  This statement sums up the problem with our Party – anti choice factions believe that anyone who is not 100% in line with their thinking on social issues is not a Republican.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  RMC and millions of mainstream Republicans have for decades held up the ideals of the big tent, they have donated millions of dollars, campaigned, and supported countless GOP candidates and have been dedicated to the true core of the GOP as the party of smaller government.

Founded in the 19th century to promote business and economic growth, the GOP has long been the party of the individual and of limited government intrusion.  Throughout the years, the Republican Party has yielded a number of remarkable politicians who have fought for individual rights and freedom, including some of the most popular presidents in history.  In terms of the strengths and goals of the Party, the current GOP website really says it all: “Republicans believe individuals, not government, can make the best decisions.”

Take a moment to let that statement sink in.

In fact, the socially focused Republicans who want to push big government control of personal medical decisions are anything but conservative.  It is far from conservative to insert government between a family and their doctor, acting as though politicians are somehow more qualified to make medical decisions than physicians.  When a government tells American citizens that they cannot access legal medical procedures, without any knowledge of their health or circumstances, that is not leaving personal decisions to the person, that is a blatant intrusion of big government.

Not only does the anti-choice movement show a blatant disregard for individual decision-making, arguably the foundation of the Republican Party, but the constant attempts to morph personal religious beliefs into law undermines the fiscal responsibility that real Republicans also value so highly.  If social extremists let up their dogmatic war on birth control and family planning clinics, including Planned Parenthood, they might realize that this is the kind of public-private partnership that provides the best quality care for the least cost — these smart investments save taxpayer dollars.  Restricting access to healthcare actually increases the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and costs the government more in the long run.  If, instead, we focus on smart investments in preventive family planning, we will reduce the number of abortions nationwide and save taxpayers’ money.

Our Republican leaders of the past understood the importance of prevention over politics.  Today, anti-choice “Republican” extremists vehemently oppose Title X, which provides critical healthcare funding for lower income women and families, yet it was Republican President Richard Nixon who signed the original bill into action and championed family planning.  President Nixon recognized that utilizing public-private partnerships was the most cost-effective investment of Title X funds, and that family planning had a positive impact both in public health and the economy.

The plain truth is that the Republican Party was founded on an idea of limited government and responsible spending.  It also held a long history as the party of common sense and solutions, the party of the open door focused on those issues which held us together, NOT those which tear us apart.  We are Republicans in every sense and will stand by our conservative ideals of individual rights and smaller government.  We will continue to fight for our conservative standards and we will see that these Republican principles are applied to all issues, from our pocketbooks to our bedrooms and our doctors’ offices.


One Comment on “RMC Responds: Real Republican Ideals”

  1. dina butcher says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Iam so offended by the faux conservatives who have bushwhacked My Republican party.

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