The Face of Real Republican Values


Texas has been in the national spotlight the last several weeks for debate over highly restrictive abortion legislation.  One of the less publicized aspects of the legislative struggle, though, is that State Representative Sarah Davis, a Republican, voted against Senate Bill 5, which would have effectively eliminated almost all access to abortions in Texas.  With the discussion once again facing the Texas legislature in a second special session, Davis has said that she will again vote against the bill in its current form.

Rep. Davis has, with her vote, made a quiet stand for true Republican values.  “A traditional Republican perspective is personal freedom, individual responsibility and limited government. That is, to me, what being a Republican is,” Davis has said. “So, just as much as I’m opposed to overregulation of industry, I’m opposed to the Legislature practicing medicine.”  In addition, Davis recognizes that the continued social crusade by some members of the GOP is alienating voters and doing nothing to help the party.  She voted last year against a mandatory sonogram bill, and has continually expressed her commitment to individual liberty.   

In a time when social issues often define the Republican Party, Sarah Davis is the type of politician who understands the party’s roots and can move forward towards a more accepting, more appealing big tent.  Her vote against S.B. 5 was a clear vote for women and for GOP ideals. 



One Comment on “The Face of Real Republican Values”

  1. MadWoldMatt says:

    Love Sarah Davis. Glad she is my representative.

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