Take Action Today: A Call for Common Sense

1013983_10151688516678726_1509597720_nPlease join us in reaching out to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to thank him for taking a stand for common sense politics this week.

Across the country, Americans of all political stripes are fed up with the current level of discourse. But we were heartened by the Governor’s thoughtful and respectful efforts this week, encouraging a return to common sense, solutions-based policy, where facts and research matter more than political ball play.

While social extremists in North Carolina have done their best to tack anti-choice health care restrictions on to any other moving legislation — from sharia law to motorcycle safety regulations — Republican Governor Pat McCrory has kept above the partisan fray and encouraged state legislators to play by the rules:

“When the Democrats were in power, this is the way they did business. It was not right then and it is not right now.” 

Click here to send an email to Gov. McCrory – and copy and paste the message below!

Dear Governor McCrory,

Thank you for standing up against the unjust use of our legislative system and honoring your commitment to your constituents.

As a mainstream, pro-choice Republican, I respect your position to value safety while rejecting unnecessary restrictions on individuals’ personal freedoms and ability to access constitutionally protected health care.

And I applaud you for opposing the underhanded abuse of our political system by social extremists as well as the continued misuse of women’s personal freedoms and health care as a cheap way to score political points.

Thank you for standing up for Real Republicans,

[Your Name Here]


While we may not agree with Gov. McCrory on all issues– all Republicans should appreciate his effort to heighten our political discourse and return to a big tent where our Party is defined not by what we disagree on- but by our shared interests.

And please consider making a donation to Republican Majority for Choice today. Help us continue our efforts to promote real GOP values and find common ground.


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