Support Real Republicans!

The nation watched today as Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a restrictive anti-choice bill into law.  With his action, Governor Perry claims to stand for life and for the Republican Party – the reality is, though, that he does a poor job of representing both.  If this law goes into effect, abortion will be out of reach for thousands of Texas women, and many will turn to life-threatening illegal options.  This bill also represents an enormous infringement on personal freedom, restricting women’s rights in direct contradiction to the core Republican value of allowing individuals to make decisions for themselves.  It is time to remind the nation what a true Republican looks like.

Support Real Republicans – In Texas and Beyond!

Over the past few weeks,Texas State Rep. Sarah Davis– the other Davis-–  has singlehandedly stood up for real Republican values. 

Putting real Republican values of limited government and personal freedom above political  pandering, Rep. Davis stood up against the extreme anti-choice legislation in Texas that will shutter the majority of the reproductive health clinics that provide abortions in the state. 

Despite her courageous efforts,  this dangerous bill passed both the Texas House and Senate last weekend and was signed into law by Governor Perry today.

But we can’t stay silent and turn our backs on Rep. Sarah Davis now.

Join Republican Majority for Choice today and help us stand strong behind Pro-Choice Republican state legislators in Texas and across the nation. 

We, as mainstream, small government, fiscally conservative Republicans are the strong- but silent- majority. And we can be silent no longer!

We know that individual’s personal medical decisions should not be hindered by big government intrusion. Join us today show the real Republicans like Rep. Sarah Davis that she is not standing alone!


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