Watch RMC Co-Chair Susan Bevan Defend Pro-Choice Republicans on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki!

On Sunday Morning, Republican Majority for Choice National Co-Chair Susan Bevan joined MSNBC’s Steve Kornicki on “UP”Image to discuss the pro-choice roots of the Republican Party and explore the changing tide of public opinion in recent years. 

Activists on both sides of this difficult and deeply personal issue regularly point to opinion polling in which the public identifies itself as either “pro-choice” or “pro-life” but as Bevan astutely points out in this segment, these divisive labels to not reflect individuals true viewpoints and only serve to complicate and politicize the issue. 

Bevan, herself a mother of three, strongly argued “We are all pro-life” but as mainstream Republicans who believe in real conservative values of small government and personal freedom, we don’t believe the government has a place in these intimate medical decisions. 

To watch the video, click  here. 

Historically the Republican Party has been the champion of commonsense solutions-based family planning policy- like Title X. It is only recently, as Bevan notes, that the broken Party Primary process has allowed social extremists to forward an anti-individual freedom, pro-big government agenda.

“The majority of Republicans are pro-choice,” said Bevan, in that they are against government intrusion into the personal decisions of American families.
 Unfortunately as these big-goverment “Republicans” continue to put personal ideological views over the interests of the party, and as a result “A lot of moderates are leaving the party over this issue.”

The Republican Party cannot afford to isolate or exclude the true champions of the conservative values of individual liberty, fiscal responsibility and limited government. “Its hypocritical that the party of small government and anti-regulation would think the government should be making this decision” said Bevan. 

As the demographics of American voters continue to change, the Republican Party needs to expand its reach and its message and show women and minority groups why real conservative ideals will help all Americans achieve their dreams.


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