Hot News Stories (7/24/13)

Reuters (USA)
A federal judge on Tuesday delayed until next year the enforcement of Alabama’s new anti-choice abortion law, which tightens restrictions on providers and could force the closing of more than half of the state’s reproductive health clinics.

Boston Globe
 (Boston, MA)
The US Food and Drug Administration has granted exclusive rights to Teva Pharmaceuticals to put its Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive on drugstore shelves without any age restrictions for the next three years, meaning the brand-name product will be the only version available to younger teenagers.

Huffington Post
Health care plans offered through Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., the nation’s oldest Catholic university, will include contraception coverage beginning August 15, the school announced last week. 

One Comment on “Hot News Stories (7/24/13)”

  1. Harlee says:

    Hallelujah! Now, if we could only get the right-wingers on board…..

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