RMC Responds: Get Involved!

rmc_respondsAs legislatures across the nation push increasingly extreme anti-choice legislation, RMC members are speaking out! A number of you have asked us, “Do you have a local chapter?” or “What can I do to support pro-choice Republicans?” 

RMC is a national organization with growing membership in all fifty states. We eager to expand our nation-wide reach and bring together pro-choice Republicans in local communities.  Please see the list below for things you can do to advocate for women’s reproductive health and freedoms as a Republican. In this trying political climate, RMC needs your voice so that we can continue working for impactful common sense policy solutions!

As a member you will have unfettered access to RM4C PAC information, be invited to exclusive events with present and former federal legislators and political analysts, receive campaign updates including insider polling data and RMC’s members-only voter guide and much more!

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Get involved today! RM4C will provide up to the minute email alerts and details on key legislation as it unfolds on Capitol HIll, but our elected leaders and  Republican leadership needs to hear from YOU.

We are always looking for pro-choice Republicans eager to participate media efforts through their hometown newspapers. Use the link above to email us for more information and to join us in spreading the real Republican message of small government and personal responsibility across the nation.

Earlier in 2013 the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1797 – the so-called “Pain-Capable” Unborn Child Protection Act. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has recently taken up this effort, despite the fact that this dangerous legislation would never pass the Democrat-controlled Senate. Sign our petition asking Republican leadership to stoping wasting taxpayers time and money on such pointless political maneuvers– and focus on solving real problems instead!

  • Tell Party Leadership to stop politicizing choice!

Copy and paste the following paragraph into the contact pages provided at the links below:

Contact the RNC
Contact Speaker of the House John Boehner
Contact Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

I am a mainstream Republican who believes in the traditional Republican values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal freedom. As a pro-choice Republican, I also believe that issues of personal conscience should not be used a wedge issue by political parties. The current Republican Platform and attempts to further restrict the right to choose even in the case of rape and incest do not reflect the true GOP value of limiting government intrusion into the lives of Americans. These social extreme statements damage the party and isolate strong voting blocks. I urge the Republican Party to be more tolerant of differences within it. We were once the Grand Old Party, and I hope we can return to that.
  • Apply for a legislative internship with RMC

If you are looking for an internship where you do more than just make copies or get coffee, contact us today!

  • Stay informed!

Check our blog for daily updates on state and federal policy developments. Or Sign Up here to get daily alerts in your inbox.  And don’t forget to find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular choice in the news updates!

  • Tell your friends about the RMC

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One Comment on “RMC Responds: Get Involved!”

  1. Douglas Parker says:

    I am concerned by the fact that the pro-choice advocates are not responding adequately to the new emphasis on barring “late term” (post 20 weeks) abortions. Such prohibitions may well be a) unconstitutional under present law and b) a way to chip away at all abortion rights. But the fact is that polls show that the public by a wide margin does not favor such abortions and that concern needs to be addressed.

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