Overregulation Costs Time, Money, and Rights

Anti-choice lawmakers continue to impose unnecessary regulations on women’s health.  The courts, however, are pushing back on this big-government expansion and clear violations of individual rights. 

Recently, injunctions in Wisconsin and North Dakota have halted laws that would have required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.  Judges in both cases have recognized that these requirements do nothing to improve women’s health, but do advance an anti-choice agenda and limit healthcare options.  

It is alarming that these laws, and a growing number of others that have been struck down by judges across the nation, are being pushed by Republican lawmakers.  In fact, such attempts go against everything that the Republican Party stands for.  Harsh restrictions meant to end legal abortion are blatantly unconstitutional and infringe on individual liberties.  Choice and personal freedom are the bedrocks of the GOP, and we should be working to protect them, not eliminate them as part of a social crusade.

Anti-choice legislation is also wasting valuable time and taxpayer money.  In Texas, for instance, extra special sessions had to be called in order to pass new abortion restrictions.  This is time that could be spent creating jobs or working to fix the economy.  Then there are the legal fees that will result from the state’s defense of these laws in court.  Despite the clearly unconstitutional nature of laws such as 20 week bans, states across the nation will spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a losing fight.  The GOP needs to take a step back and realize the waste that is accompanying the current social agenda.  

Overregulation and financial waste directly contradict the goals of the Republican Party.  The problem, however, is that social extremists have taken control of the party’s direction, totally oblivious to the ideals that we hold dear.  Anti-choice crusaders give no thought to the waste that they are creating or the rights that they are infringing on, and we cannot allow these extremists to control the future of our party.  We, as Republicans, must call for common sense, leave the harmful social agenda behind, and focus on the ideas of limited government and financial responsibility that once made the GOP great.


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