Hot News Stories (8/13/13)

Salon (USA)
North Dakota State Rep. Kathy Hawken talks to Salon about the threats — and thanks — she gets for being pro-choice in the GOP.

Wall Street Journal
 (New York, NY)
A letter to the WSJ takes on the Virginia GOP saying, “What the voters see from Virginia’s Republicans is a group who will shove a religiously inspired, antiabortion agenda down their throats. What is particularly distressing to those of us conservatives who are libertarian and pro-choice is that there is no room in the Virginia GOP for us, nor is there an honest debate about abortion.”

Topeka-Capitol Journal
 (Topeka, KS)
Anti-choice activists in Kansas are resurrecting their efforts to use zoning laws to drive out one of the state’s few remaining reproductive health clinics that provide abortion services.


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