Yes! Pro-Choice Republicans are Real!

ImageNorth Dakota State Representative and commonsense Republican, Kathy Hawken bravely stood up against the state’s drastic anti-choice abortion ban. In our recent membership mailer we included a thank you postcard for Rep. Hawken asking you to send it along to show your gratitude — and your voices were heard!

In a recent interview Rep. Hawken noted that she received hundreds of postcards from across the nation thanking her for standing up for pro-choice Republicans everywhere. “The support has been truly heartwarming. Both men and women saying thank you for speaking out,” said Hawken.

Your voices are encouraging mainstream Republican leaders to fight for commonsense reproductive health policy. And you can’t stop now!  Make a donation today to help RMC engage more pro-choice GOP leaders on the state level. 
Rep. Hawken also had this to say about the GOP, “It’s sad. I have had a pretty good number of people say to me, “I no longer have a party.” These were good Republicans who supported the party and the candidates, and they’ve just reached a point where it’s gotten so radical that they just don’t want to be a part of it. They can’t find a place where they fit.”

We, too, have heard this message from many RMC members. But as mainstream Republicans, we cannot stay silent and let the extremists keep their grip on the future of the Republican Party.  Join or renew your membership to RMC today, and make sure the GOP hears from real Republicans now.

Read the rest of the interview with Rep. Hawken here.

One Comment on “Yes! Pro-Choice Republicans are Real!”

  1. Milly Breeden says:

    Thank You!!! I am a Pro Choice Republican like Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Betty Ford and many others! I had come to the conclusion that this was not the party for me anymore. This is a breath of fresh air.

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