Hot News Stories (8/14/13)

RMC in the News

The Colorado Statesmen (Denver, CO)
As Colorado ‘personhood’ proponents gear up to push another ballot initiative in the 2014 elections- despite failing multiple times previously, Republican Majority for Choice’s Amanda Mountjoy speaks out against these anti-choice efforts, “The problem with the personhood amendment lies in its fundamental contradiction,” said Mountjoy. “It poses as a measure designed to protect basic rights. In fact, personhood would violate the rights of Colorado women by granting competing rights to a fertilized egg, and would put government smack dab in the middle of medical decisions…”

Think Progress
Colorado is ground zero for the “personhood” movement, and the Republican Majority for Choice is ready to actively fight back against personhood if the issue pops up again. “As Republicans, we cannot sit by while single-issue fundamentalists dramatically change our state constitution,” Amanda Mountjoy said.


The San Antonio Current (San Antonio, TX)
In the wake of the recent anti-choice legislation passed in Texas, including stringent and medically unnecessary clinic regulations, reproductive health clinics that provide abortion services as well as preventive care cannot afford to stay open. 

Los Angeles Times
 (Los Angeles, CA)
In 2011, the birthrate for teenage girls in California dropped to its lowest level since 1991, a state report released recently  announced.


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