Attacks on Women’s Rights Get Creative in Kansas

We can’t make this stuff up – Wichita anti-choice extremists are now using the fact that their own protests are too disruptive as their legal argument to shut down one of Kansas’s few women’s clinics that also provides abortion services.  

Yes, you read that correctly: without the U.S. Constitution in their favor, several anti women’s rights groups have appealed to the Wichita City Council to rezone the area around the clinic. The clinic in question, however, resides in an area with a number of other businesses, so after being denied previous zoning challenges, the anti-choicers are trying a new and truly ridiculous strategy.

Their latest appeal to rezone cites a number of reasons, all centered around their own anti-choice protests that occur outside the building and the possibility for violence with the tensions brought by protestors.  One group even argues that it is inappropriate for children to see the signs and protests that occur outside the building.  Another component cites past shooting incidents, which, as you may guess, were also the work of anti-choice extremists.

The anti-choice movement is known for getting inventive with their spin, but with this new attempt they may have reached a new level of absurd.


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