“Legitimate Rape”: One Year Later

The internet is a buzz with reminders that today is the one year anniversary of former Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” statements. While many point out the repeated mistakes made by anti-choice extremists since Akin’s initial statement that fateful day last August, we at RMC believe that mainstream Republicans are the key to pushing the party back toward its true core.  And right now we face a critical turning point. 

While anti-choice rape deniers still abound, commonsense conservatives are stepping forward. Across America, Republicans like North Dakota state Representative Kathy Hawken, Oklahoma state Rep. (and Doctor) Doug Cox, and Texas state Rep. Sarah Davis, “the other Davis,” recognize that the focus should be on advancing solutions-based policies that put prevention and planning over politics. 

These mainstream Republicans from across the nation recognize the GOP must stop being the Party of litmus tests and start looking to areas where both sides can come together and find common ground.  In order to do this we must all stop treating abortion as the only issue in the wide field of reproductive health.  Instead of promoting policies that increase big government regulation of individual medical decisions, these real Republicans promote cost-saving preventive family planning policies that have proven to decrease the rate of both unintended pregnancies AND abortions– while saving taxpayer dollars. In fact the most recent available numbers found that for every dollar spent on birth control, nearly six dollars are saved – from Medicaid expenses for infants to pre and postnatal care. This amounts to up to $10.5 billion dollars in savings in just one year.

Fiscal conservatives can’t deny the benefits of this kind of proven-effective policy, but we need you to continue speaking out in support of these Republicans across the country. We need to tell the Party leaders that mainstream Republicans are tired of ideological extremism and ready to return to the GOP’s roots as the Party of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. 


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