RMC Responds: 10,000 Voices for Choice– and counting!

rmc_respondsThis week we were thrilled to see the Republican Majority for Choice facebook page surpass 10,000 likes! As Pamela commented: Thank goodness there are tons of intelligent decent folks who support organizations such as RMFC! They protect our rights and make America great!”

We could not agree more! We would not have gotten this far (and so quickly) without our great supporters. But we need to continue to band together to support commonsense, responsible, fiscally conservative policy solutions for family planning. And we need real Republicans like you to add your voices, and speak out loud in support of this kind of solutions-based policy.

The growth our page has seen this year shows there are vast numbers of mainstream Republicans out there. Yet, we also know that mainstream Republican voices often get drowned out by the extremists in the Party – and that is what makes this achievement so impressive.

If you are one of these commonsense conservatives please consider taking it to the next level – check out our website, sign up for our email alerts, consider joining us in Washington for our 2014 conference, and if you can, make a donation and become a full member of Republican Majority for Choice today. Help us continue to grow the pro-choice conservative voice of the GOP and help us stand up to the ongoing onslaught of anti-choice attacks.

There are already nearly 50 bills regulating reproductive health in the pipeline, and when Congress returns from its 5 week recess we are sure to see more anti-choice maneuvering. We know an abortion ban bill will be introduced in the Senate, and we have been closely monitoring the potential budget cuts to imperative TItle-X family planning funds. With the debt-ceiling deadline and another pending budget crisis, congress simply can’t afford to waste any more time and taxpayers dollars on anti-choice big-government regulation. 

Join RMC today and help us send a message to congress that REAL Republicans should be focusing on America’s economy– not the personal medical choices of individual citizens. 


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