The Return of Mainstream Republicans: We Need You!

Americans and real Republicans are tired of the litmus test ideology of extremists in the GOP and are eager for a return to the commonsense conservative voice of the true ‘Grand Old Party’. We’ve heard it from our members many times over, and in the past week even major news outlets have been commenting on the need for a more moderate voice within the Republican Party. 

From Fox News Rhode Island on the GOPs rigid stand on issues like reproductive rights: “These trends worry establishment Republicans. And they expose a growing split in the GOP.”
Another outlet cites GOP campaign veteran Steve Lombardo:  “Republican leadership is courting disaster here.” “Voters are in no mood for this at a time when the country is politically fractured and teetering on economic recovery. This is very dangerous politics,” said Lombardo.

The Christian Science Monitor had an in-depth article summing up “GOP isn’t dying, but it will have to reach moderate voters to survive.”  They note Gallup polling that shows that shows an uptick in voters who identify as conservative or moderate by far exceeding those who claim the label of liberal. However, on social issues “the differences are much narrower: Thirty-five percent said they were very conservative or conservative, 32 percent were moderate, and 30 percent were liberal or very liberal.” In the last decade the percentage of self-identified social conservatives decreased two points but social liberals increased by seven percentage points. “Polling data reveal a strong center-right coalition. Voters are conservative but moderating. Even if Republicans lose some support from their far-right wing, they still have ample room to rebuild the party.”

RMC is that common sense voice promoting solutions, smarter spending and the real GOP values of limited government intrusion. Through our PAC we are supporting an ever increasing number for mainstream Republicans running across the country.  But we need your help to be bigger, louder and to stand up for Republican candidates  willing to stand up for the  issues we care most about. 

Consider joining RMC today and as member gain access to information about mainstream GOP candidates across the country!

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