Hot News Stories (9/18/13)

New York Times (New York, NY) 
An anti-choice bill banning abortions in Albuquerque after 20 weeks of pregnancy, based on so-called “fetal pain” will be on the Nov. 19 ballot. 

Washington Times (Washington, DC) 
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld the mandate requiring prescription drug coverage to cover contraception services, marking the second time a federal appeals court rebuffed a company that argued the mandatory coverage of birth control violates its religious beliefs. 

Texas Tribune (Austin, TX) 
A review of state inspection records for 36 abortion clinics from the year preceding the lawmakers’ vote on anti-choice legislation claiming to “protect women” turned up little evidence to suggest that the facilities were putting patients in imminent danger. 

Washington Post (Washington, DC) 
Virginia’s next Governor will determine whether family planning clinics that provide abortions will be forced to close.  If current anti-choice extremist Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor in Noember, most of the remaining 18 clinics are likely to shut their doors within months.


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