RMC Responds: Why Am I Pro-Choice?

1375032_10151703485767695_213878261_nThis week, our friends at Catholics For Choice are asking people why they are Pro-choice. On their new interactive website, you can hear various reasons individuals consider themselves to be Pro-choice. From personal responsibility to faith-based reasons, the pro-choice community is large and diverse. Republican Majority for Choice’s National Co-Chair Susan Bevan submitted her own essay:

“I am pro-choice because, as a lifelong Republican, I believe that individual rights should be paramount—and that this extends to the rights of individuals to make personal decisions about reproduction. As a mother, of course I am pro-life, and I believe that the government’s role in creating and enforcing reproductive health legislation is to protect individuals’ ability to access all options. While this is the truly Republican thing to do, it is also the right thing to do. The government must not be involved in personal healthcare decisions. Those who oppose contraception and abortion are free to make that choice for themselves and their families, but not for others.

The recent passage by the House of Representatives of HR 1797, the so-called “Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” has brought nationwide attention to the continued efforts of extremists to legislate their personal beliefs and insert their judgment and will into the business of others. Those under the supposedly “pro-life” umbrella falsely believe that outlawing abortion prior to fetal viability will reduce the rate and occurrence of abortions.  Decades of data show that this is simply not the case.

The actual impact is an increase in later term abortions that risk the life and health of the mother—a decidedly anti-life result. In addition, these efforts are explicitly unconstitutional and a waste of both time and tax dollars in defense of a losing cause, diverting attention from the real work our Congress needs to do to run our country. We know—both from the recent testimony of hundreds of Texan women and from the statistics provided by the CDC and other health organizations—that these kinds of unnecessary intrusions into the private relationships between individuals and their physicians are dangerously out of line with any efforts to promote or protect life. They are similarly out of line with a genuinely conservative philosophy of limited government.

A pro-life position should entail giving individuals all the resources necessary to make smart and healthy decisions for themselves and their families. Yet the anti-choice community continues to rally against comprehensive sex-education and preventive family planning, despite the wealth of studies proving the ability of such policies to actually reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. No one is pro-abortion, but we are all prolife, and both sides should be able to find shared ground in our desire to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. We can begin by supporting preventive family planning initiatives that facilitate an individual’s ability to decide when and how they want to form their families.”

This week, we’re asking you the same question: Why are you Pro-choice?


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Want to read more responses to this question? Want to submit your own? Click here!


4 Comments on “RMC Responds: Why Am I Pro-Choice?”

  1. peg says:

    I am pro choice because no woman should be forced into a body decision they have not chosen. I believe all women must have sovereignty over their own bodies. Any women who for any reason, chooses to terminate a pregnancy must be allowed to do so, without penalty or difficulty.

  2. Arch says:

    I’m pro choice because i belive the choice of a woman to carry a baby to term or not should be hers and hers alone.

  3. SCB says:

    I’m pro choice because I believe women should be allowed access to birth control including IUD’s, access to the right to determine what she does with her own body, and the ability to plan her pregnancies as she sees fit.

    ” No one is pro-abortion, but we are all pro-life, and both sides should be able to find shared ground in our desire to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions”. I couldn’t agree more.

    Keep the options legal, allow poverty stricken women the ability to get the medical attention they need, and stop thwarting doctors abilities to treat patients. We do need laws to regulate things, but small government means sensible laws, laws that are simple to understand and straightforward.

    I am not a Republican any more (my own decision) but I’m glad I found this group. I am not a democrat (never have been). I am not a member of any third party either. I’m an american, and I’m pro-choice.

  4. Colleen Lepe says:

    I am a pro-choice! I am a Mother and although I would never (want to) or be able to abort my fetus that gives me no right to impose my own choices on anyone else. What a woman chooses to do with her own body is her own choice, she will be the one who had to look at herself in the mirror and be okay with her choices. It is a private matter that no politician or law has the right to have any input. Either way she chooses it affects her for life and it should be her decision and hers alone.

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