Hot News Stories (10/3/13)

Cincinnati News (Cincinnati, OH)
With shouts of “We won’t go back,” hundreds rallied at the Ohio statehouse on Wednesday to continue fighting laws passed by anti-choice legislators, that restrict access to abortion and contraception.

Huffington Post (USA)
After three failed attempts, Personhood Colorado is trying a fourth time to get a constitutional amendment to ban abortion in the state, only this time they are linking the effort to a tragic drunk driving case that killed an unborn child.

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
At a time when Pope Francis is calling for the church to give up its obsession with homosexuality and abortion,  two of North Carolina’s Roman Catholic dioceses  have decided to withdraw their membership from the North Carolina Council of Churches.

The Columbus Dispatch (Columbus, OH)
The number of abortions performed in Ohio in 2012 marked the second-lowest rate of pregnancy terminations since the state began tracking them in 1976.


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